Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Remember, my blog on Pachmarhi? Well, some of my friends liked it very much, to extent that they called it a travellouge. I don't know about you, but to proceed from where I left that blog, I am writing here about the awesome Bedhaghat Falls and about the city of Jabalpur.

As the title of this blog suggests, the Bedhaghat Falls are nothing but the Niagara Falls, zipped. The Fall isn't too high nor is too majestic, as the Canadian (or American?) natural wonder. Yet, there is something about the Falls that holds your attention and your fantasy for quite long. You need to be there, to understand what I mean to say. The Falls have originated as the river Narmada flows ferociously through the natural beauites of Badhghat. The river is absolutely pure, mark my words,
absolutely pure: to an extent that, we filled up a bottle of the flowing water and it had no visible suspensions in it. And the taste of that water was also very sweet and fulfilling.

There is something in the fall that leaves you dumbfounded..., spellbound... and... what not. Just concentrate at the point where the most pacy of the water hits the rocks underneath; goodness me, you would not take your eyes off it for a long long time. I have never been to the Niagara, but I bet it would leave a similar impact on you and your senses. Have a look at the snaps here, and savour them.

Whadya have to say about the Falls, brilliant, aren't they? I am sure, you agree.

Moving slightly away from this wonderful place, let me tell you about one more interesting place near the Falls - The Marble Rocks Nauka Vihar or the Boat Ride. If you are fascinated enough by the beauty of white marble or any marble for that matter, do not miss this hour long boat ride that you can take in rowing boats. A cheap means of satisfying your hunger for natural scenic beauty is taking this boat ride in the picturesque Narmada. It has loads of scenes that would leave you wanting for more. I cannot say anything more, just that please visit this place atleast once to enjoy a "never before" experience in India. Albiet, do it soon before it is hounded by irresponsible tourists and greedy tour-operators. A bit of trivia, remember the song 'Raat Ka Nasha Abhi, ...' from the forgettable(?) Shahrukh Khan film Asoka? Well, Kareena Kapoor danced to this song, at this very place. Enjoy!


  1. Hey, Asoka is not a forgettable film and nor is Shahrukh ( in Asoka only. I'm not talking about his Chopra n Johar films)

  2. cool guys, started ur identity on net ha! keep up the work!. let the angels guard u.....

  3. "ASOKA FILM SUCKS" this is only thing i can say

  4. Marble Rocks sure is a beautiful place.

    Dunno abt Shahrukh and Asoka.. But Kareena and her part in Asoka is something I would love to forget. (Somehow they still haunt me !) :p