Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Google will no longer be that good?

Hi people!

As you might know, we spend a lot of time on the net, doing things that a few years ago, we could not even think of. Why go too far, even spending time on the net was one harrowing experience, what with the dial-up connection giving you "Amazing" surfing speeds of upto 40 kbps! on a 56 kbps modem. But, all that has changed and broadband has changed the way we spend our spare time, isn't it?

Now, all you need for some time-pass is, open your browser, go to google and type in anything that you want info on. And you can get hooked up for hours toghether, without having to worry about the net connection and the phone getting engaged.

Recently, I came across an interesting post by someone named Rajesh Jain. It was about google. Read on about it:

"Vertical Search"

Business Week writes about the new search engines: "The result is likely to be a move away from a single ubiquitous search box, away from the reflexive hop to Google to find info on the Net. Instead, people may use several different search engines, each tailored to a specific task. One might specialize in blog postings, another in video clips, and a third in general information. The shift may look like the evolution of TV, from a world dominated by the Big Three networks to one in which hundreds of cable channels specialize in topics from cooking to history."

What do you think about this? I feel it might really be the case to some extent, but google would continue to rule the roost, purely because of the lack of awareness about alternative developments of such technologies. And it is anyways very easy and of course now a well developed habit to just go to google and try out new things, isn't it? What say?


  1. Interesting, but isn't Google already starting just such a thing...providing specialized search options within Google itself. Just look at the list of tools already offered? Consider Google Scholar, Google News, Google University. I'll bet there's plenty more to come.

  2. When I read the title, my first idea was that the post will be about the 'evil' that has crept in the google, which goes against the philosophy of Google, with the China saga n all.

    But this perspective is also good. Omkar was telling Swanand yesterday to try Yahoo search for images rather than Google to get better results (for Sharapova's pics IIRC). So specialisation is already taking place. It's now only matter of time.

  3. no one can replace google . but yes with yahoo myweb2 , , , the new web2.0 really looks promising .

  4. How about putting an RSS feed on your site. I'd like to keep track of your postings but don't want to keep coming back every day. Just feed it to us, huh?

  5. yes geb google has already started it. but then, that's the question, would people prefer a Google Blog Search or any other 'dedictaed' blog search?

  6. blog search is still in nascent stage right now. Most of blog are discovered through related blogs in my case.

    If you are talking about dedicated blog search is currently a hot favourite.


  8. yeah man, google will always rock, it deserves it. Larry Page deserves every bit of fame anf fortune.

    - Martin Jeff