Saturday, February 18, 2006

RSS Feeds on my blog

Hello everybody,

Someone of you had suggested that I add RSS Feeds on my blog.

With due attention to the request I have added the feeds on my blog. To receive feeds, click on the
"Subscribe to my feeds" link on the blog itself. You can then add my blog to your own RSS viewer.
I give out my sincere thanks to Sir Kaushal Sheth, for helping me add this feature on my blog, I hope he continues to teach me new things.

Hope you all enjoy reading my posts. I have been writing on a variety of topics which i felt, deserve some attention. I am just an amateur at blogging and i hope to improve. This would require you to give in some healthy comments, pointing out any flaws at times. As Aditya asked me to reduce the length of my blog posts, I think he was right, I will try to shorten my posts. All you readers,Please keep punchin in your comments, they will only help me get better.




  1. Thanks! Your feed is on my aggregator so I'll be able to keep track of your blog. Good stuff.

  2. Glad to have the feed. Thanks