Sunday, April 30, 2006

Found It Finally!

Finally I have found the password to my blogger account!
A few days back, I met with a minor accident which damaged the endocrinal cells of the inner lining of the upper cerebrum in the right half of my brain - phew! the most simple way in which I could put down the injury as recorded by my doctors. This leads to a condition popularly known as temporary loss of memory.
While in this condition, apart from forgetting my recent past, I had also lost the power to recollect the important details of my personal identity - including my blogger password. This prevented me from posting anything here for over a month now. Hence in the mean time I had started writing for another blog, by the name Crazy Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Mind.
All this while, I had been trying very hard to recollect the details of my account and even made some futile attempts at finding that maroon colored hard-bound diary which carries all these details. But alas, I could just not remember anything - about the diary or otherwise!
However, after much permutations and combinations and in-depth analysis of my other passwords, using Poisson's Distribution as applied in the case of non-linear Markovian Chains of finite length, I have finally recollected my password. I wouldn't have done it, but I just can't resist myself the temptation of letting you know about this re-discovery. My password at the end of the 4,176,382,905th iteration of the above mentioned statistical method has been found out to be - *******.
Such a simple solution and it took me over a month to decipher it! I wonder how did Dr. Nash decipher all those enigmatic codes in such record times - well that's why I am what I am and he is what he is!!!
Alright, enough crap into this post already and I need to stop. Please don't believe a word of the afore-dumped waste; I mean, if at all you did so! Some academic commitments and prospective developments had kept me busy in the past month and would continue do so in the coming one.
So couldn't find time to write down something constructive, but thought, I write atleast something to keep this page updated. I am extremely obliged for the valuable time that you spent reading the above piece of non-sensical prose, and extend my apologies for keeping you busy over something as stupid as this!
PS: To avoid any implications as those met by Ms. Kavya Vishwananthan, I make it very clear that the name of a blog mentioned above belongs to a friend of mine, and any attempt of plagiarism on my part was totally un-intentional and due only to my photograhic memory! I strongly disclaim any claims in this regard!!!


  1. poisson distribution n marcovian chains.....OR sathi preparation chalu zaale vaatate...good, keep it up.

  2. anywas, if u take markovian chains in a limited sense, u sld not be able to sort it out as poison concept collapses under the constraints imposed by markov chains....u must use the flemmings lemma for such algorythms...which gives you a limited opening for such implementation...

  3. apart from that.. welcome back!

  4. Is that sense or some joke.. just as mine?? I guess if its aditya.. its gonna be sense