Sunday, September 17, 2006

I am sorry..

Hi guys..

I am so sorry.. I just couldnt keep you updated with the devepments here..

I really wished I could re-start blogging in a form like say, a 'Cornell Diary'...
But that hasn't happened.. Primarily because it is quite difficult to be doing everything on your own and yet manage to get some time out for an activity like blogging... :)
There are other more important things to do :p

And secondly because, after a few weeks of blogging I had realized that there are only a handful of visitors to my blog.. and I am 'i touch' with all of them.. so they were getting to read pages of the proposed 'diary' as is...

So never had the drive to write it all down here..

But now i guess i'll try and put up atleast a few things in here... definitely...

So till my next post..




  1. good that u started writing once again. i am eagerly waiting 4 ur cornell diary.

  2. Hey, blogs are written for yourself without thinking much about who reads it or comments on it. Just ensure that you do popularise it adequately by msging and mailing to ppl. The rest God will take care!!! :)Dekh ek saal ke baad comment kar raha hu :)